Tips on stress and conflict from Lifestrengths

AnnClarksonBelow is an excerpt from Ann Clarkson’s blog post on her decision to be a part of this year’s edition of the ADHD Awareness Book Project:

One of my challenges in being a 2013 contributor was that the first two editions had covered the waterfront of ADHD subject matter and ideas.

I submitted two ADHD strategies I had not seen there before. That was my guiding principle.

I find that many of my ADHD clients suffer from overwhelm at times, especially when working on a task that is causing stress and anxiety. So I shared a deep breathing technique. This can lower the production of the stress hormone cortisol by 50% in ten minutes, and help you feel totally re-energized, and able to focus again!

As an experienced ADHD coach, I know there can be more conflict and fighting in ADHD marriages and families. So I chose to also share practical information about the difference between thinker and feeler types.

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