Falling into ADHD Awareness Month with DeShawn Wert

DeShawn Wert of Your ADD AnswersDeShawn Wert Logo is one of the faces of ADHD and she offers her thoughts on resources and ADHD Awareness Month…

My month is getting extremely busy and I love this productive “busy-ness” I’m experiencing!  I enjoy the flurry of activity taking place in the ADHD community.  Just as I see the leaves are dropping off the trees, I notice more and more evidence of the realities of living with ADHD show up in my Google+ account and mailboxes.  Recent examples include increased  articles and information about the effects  of ADHD on working adults, additional teleclasses and seminars on living with ADHD, and sharing books and other resources that support those who have ADHD.

My mission in this blog is to help families work with schools to better serve children, so I spend a lot of time bringing resources to you.

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