October is ADHD Awareness month and that means it’s NAME THE NEXT BOOK CONTEST!

with Coaching for ADHD, Laurie Dupar and The ADHD Awareness Book Project!

Orange-GearDo you or someone you love have ADHD?

Orange-GearAre you someone who wants to make a global impact on increasing the awareness of ADHD?

Orange-GearIf so, this contest is just for you!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the ADHD Awareness BookMedallionCropped Project, let me take a quick moment to fill you in.

The ADHD Awareness Book Project is an ongoing effort to increase the awareness of ADHD and bring the best tips and strategies to you, from the world’s top ADHD experts, in an easily digestible format. So far, the series is made up of the following books:

365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD         365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD           More Ways to Succeed with ADHD(Oct 2013)*

               awarenessbook365 1Cvr3D (2)MoreWays3DBookCropped

*To be released this fall 2013, the third edition of the ADHD Awareness Book Project, entitled “More Ways to Succeed with ADHD”, continues with the tradition of asking ADHD experts to answer the question:

What is the most valuable tip or strategy that you know of  for
succeeding with ADHD?”

Each book follows the “tip a day” format for easy reading. Having all three bestselling books in your collection, will give you 1000+ unique strategies at your fingertips. You are virtually guaranteed to discover a tip that will work just for you! For the past three years each book in this series has made the perfect gift, whether for yourself or someone you know who has ADHD.

Here’s where you come in!
We need a title for our next, 2014, book!

We are already well into the planning stages for the 2014 edition and thought it would be fun to tap into your creative brains to help us with a title for the next book! We are still going to reach out to the top ADHD experts and professionals, but rather than focusing on just the “tips”, the focus of next year’s book will include stories. More specifically, inspirational short stories about succeeding with ADHD.


Grand Prize (Valued at $415!): Your inspirational ADHD success story in the 2014 edition! + all 3 editions of Ways to Succeed with ADHD sent to you!

Runner Up (Valued at $65): A gift set of all 3 editions of Ways to Succeed with ADHD!

How to Enter: Complete the 2 easy steps below!

1) FILL OUT THIS FORM and answer the following questions:

A) What is your first name?

B) What is your email address?

C) What is your best contact phone number? (We’ll need it to let you know when you win ☺. I hope you do!)

D) I think the title of next year’s ADHD Awareness Book Project book should be called:

CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM and send your idea titles for the next book! ☺

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*REMEMBER: In order to win…you must complete BOTH steps!  CLICK HERE NOW to send your title suggestion, contact number and use the links above to connect with me on my social media sites.

Do you know someone else who has a way with words? Share this contest with them-this is a “good faith” share…not a contest requirement. It’s just a simple “pay it forward” to someone that you know with a creative mind and wants to be part of a global project to increase the awareness of ADHD!

Contest Rules:

Contest runs through October 31, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. Grand Prize winner will be selected based on winning title that is selected. All other entries will be put into a raffle for a random drawing for the Runner Up prize. Winner(s) will be contacted by November 15th, 2013 via email/phone # provided. Entrant releases rights to their Title submission upon contest entry and suggested Titles then become the rights of Coaching for ADHD. There will not be additional compensation if your title is selected.

P.S. This contest ends October 31st. So, hit reply now with your title ideas, connect with me on my social media sites and let us know what number we can best reach you. This is one time you will be waiting for the phone to ring!